Twelve million adults and 3 million adolescents in the USA alone struggle with serious thoughts of suicide. CAMS is an evidence-based assessment and treatment framework for individuals suffering from serious thoughts of suicide. It is used by treatment providers across the world and endorsed by the Joint Commission, the CDCZero Suicide, the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention (also here), and the Surgeon General.

Although there are multiple levels of training, The Campus Suicide Prevention Center of Virginia offers the foundational course to qualified clinicians and graduate students in Virginia. CAMS-Foundational is an asynchronous, engaging, online, 3-hour video course. The foundational training provides enough detail and resources so that a participant can begin using the skills immediately in their clinical work, even before taking more advanced levels of training. However, more advanced training is also available virtually at a relatively low cost for providers interested in enhancing their skills.

More about CAMS:

CAMS can be effectively implemented in approximately 6-12 sessions on an outpatient basis, avoiding hospitalization or other intensive and costly forms of care that utilize high resources. Additionally, the training can be adapted for use in the emergency room with patients presenting with suicidal thoughts and/or behaviors.

Depending on available funding, we occasionally offer Advanced training in CAMS for those who have completed the foundational level through our office. If you have completed CAMS-Foundational training independent from our Center but are interested in being notified when Advanced training is available, send us a message to be added to our waiting list.

Support for CAMS:

The CAMS-Care website provides an extensive evidence base for the intervention approach.