Veterans on Campus

“Veterans on Campus” is a 30-minute, online, interactive training program that uses virtual role-play to help faculty and staff learn more about the needs and experiences of student veterans.

Veterans on Campus uses intelligent avatars and virtual environments to enhance the learning experience. Through these avatars, faculty and staff engage in simulated conversations with three virtual student veterans, helping each one resolve a challenge they are facing as a result of reintegration.

These include: referring a service member who is being redeployed, managing a challenging class discussion about conflicts overseas, and approaching and referring a veteran who is having difficulty concentrating during tests.

Learn More About Veterans on Campus (PDF/.286 Megabytes)

Licenses for Veterans on Campus are available at no cost to all public, private and community college or university campuses.

To find out more about bringing the Veterans on Campus training to your campus, contact:
Jane Wiggins, Ph.D. ✉
540-568-8901 ☏