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NaBITA Risk Rubric, 2019 (PDF/.372 Megabytes)
From the National Behavioral Intervention Team Association or NaBITA, this research-based tool can be used for the preliminary assessment of mental health distress and possible threat. It assists in determining the level of attention and intervention a student may need. The rubric can be accessed online (opens new window). If you're new to the NaBITA Risk Rubric this supplemental flowchart (PDF/.388 Megabytes) may help. For information on the use and application of the rubric in higher education institutions read The NaBITA 2019 Whitepaper-College and University Edition (PDF/.744 Megabytes).

Psychological Approaches to Suicide Treatment and Prevention, 2015 (PDF/.236 Megabytes)
This article looks at the psychological methods for treating suicidality within the field of clinical suicidolgy. The article focuses on two major areas within the field: The first being treatments that, through randomized controlled trials, have shown to be effective for treating suicidality and the second area being new brief suicide-specific treatments.

Patient Safety Plan Template (PDF/.064 Megabytes)
This is a safety plan template from the Brown Stanley Safety Planning Intervention – but it is distributed by other groups – this link is actually from the Lifeline – separate from the training and treatment protocol. The Safety Planning Intervention is an evidence-based treatment. For more information on safety planning visit Safety Planning Intervention: About Safety Planning (opens new window) and read Safety Planning Intervention: A Brief Intervention to Mitigate Suicide Risk (PDF/.212 Megabytes)

Additional Safety Plan Templates:

A Personal Safety Plan (PDF/.274 Megabytes)

Oh Crap, I’m Going Down (PDF/.300 Megabytes)

Oh Darn, I’m Going Down (PDF/.336 Megabytes)

Oh #@!%, I’m Going Down (PDF/.296 Megabytes)

The Columbia Lighthouse Project (opens new window)
Formerly called the Center for Suicide Risk Assessment, this website is dedicated to raising awareness about and implementation of the Columbia-Suicide Severity Rating Scale or C-SSRS. The site offers background and development information, training, and research.

Webinar Slides - Melinda Fox, James Madison University, 2009 (PDF/.748 Megabytes)

Webinar Slides - Warrenetta Mann, Psy.D., The College of William and Mary (PDF/.246 Megabytes)

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