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the campus suicide prevention center of virginia


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Campus Resources

Virginia Resources

National Resources

Suicide, the Media, and Social Media

Media Reporting Guidelines

Movie Reviews

Suicide and Social Media

Supporting Students and Building Resilience

Suicide Prevention Planning

Comprehensive Planning

Institution-wide Campus Suicide Prevention

Legal Issues in Campus Suicide Prevention

Campus Based Suicide Postvention

Wellness Education and Health Promotion

Online Wellness and Resilience Resources and Courses

Restroom Health Promotion Poster Initiative Libraries

Resources for Campus Counseling Centers

Triage Protocols for a Campus Counseling Center

Training for Counselors

Support for Faculty, Peers, and Parents

*Recognizing and Responding to Students in Distress: A Faculty Handbook, 2012 (Flipbook® 120 MB)

Specific Populations

Strategies for Supporting Mental Health Among Students of Color

Resources for Veterans

Veterans Crisis Line

Veterans on Campus (training program)

Veteran Medical Centers in Virginia

Resources for LGBTQ+

Faith Communities

Man Therapy


The Healthy Minds Study

Project Echo

About Project Echo

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