Life Skills and Resilience

George Mason University Resilience Resources (opens new window)
Links to 10 Resilience Resources Weekly posts on topics like cognitive flexibility, resilience training, and optimism. An overview of George Mason University's resilience model is also provided.

Penn Resilience Program and PERMA™ Workshops (opens new window)
These workshops are evidence-based training programs that have been demonstrated to build resilience, well-being, and optimism.

Resiliency Skills Training Facilitator's Guide (PDF/1.35 Megabytes)
Provided by Jessica Gifford, Associate Director of Mental Health Promotion, Amherst College Counseling Center. This guide offers step-by-step outlines to lead a four-session, in-person resiliency skills training, as well as instructions on how to implement the ReST curriculum online. ReST can be implemented in high schools, colleges, and workplaces, or offered as a psychoeducational group by therapists or coaches.

The Hope Center (opens new window)
A site containing research on the basic needs of college students (housing, food, transportation, mental health, and childcare) and resources to help students with fulfilling these basic needs.