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the campus suicide prevention center of virginia

Faith Communities

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Faith. Hope. Life.
A national initiative that engages faith leaders and faith communities as partners in suicide prevention, and equips them with tools and resources to join the movement

Suicide Prevention Competencies for Faith Leaders: Supporting Life Before, During, and After a Suicidal Crisis
Equips faith leaders with the capabilities needed to prevent suicide and provide care and comfort to those affected by suicide.

Faith Leaders' Guide to Self-Care After a Suicide
As faith leaders help others navigate a healthy grief journey after a suicide, they may experience unique stressors and challenges that affect their own well-being. This video highlights the importance of self-care among faith leaders and shares guidance on what faith leaders can do to care for themselves after a suicide.

Suicide Prevention Resource Center: Faith Communities
A comprehensive site with a range of resources and up-to-date articles on the role that faith plays in preventing suicide and how to best plan memorial services after a suicide.